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Cut out the pieces and distribute to the students in groups or individually. They must then put the figures together. I have received feedback that many students have liked these, and some have also asked to take them home, so that their younger siblings can try them.

Feel free to print on thick paper and put them in a bag/envelope, so that the puzzles can be reused.


addisjon fisk
Download PPTX • 37KB


addition - duck
Download PPTX • 40KB


elk addition
Download PPTX • 46KB


addisjon triceratops
Download PPTX • 45KB


dinosaurer addisjon puslespill
Download PPTX • 58KB

Sea dinosaur

enkel addisjon - sjødinosaur
Download PPTX • 41KB


addisjon hare
Download PPTX • 54KB

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