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Glossary cards for every language

These are glossary cards in all languages, where students fill in words and practice, either in class or on their own.

  1. Print the cards for the students and hand them out.

  2. The students cut out the cards.

  3. They then write the word on the back and place the cards in an envelope, a box or a bag.

They may like to have two envelopes, one for those they know, and one for those they need to study more.

It is of course also possible for the teacher to fill in the words themselves, in which case one duplicates a sheet, deletes the shapes and writes in mirrored, i.e. a card on the left side will have a definition on the right.

The icons are from the website


gloser alle språk - instrumenter
Download PPTX • 437KB


gloser alle språk - redskaper
Download PPTX • 346KB


gloser alle språk tall
Download PPTX • 42KB


gloser alle språk - hjem
Download PPTX • 293KB


gloser alle språk - skole
Download PPTX • 330KB


gloser alle språk kjøkken
Download PPTX • 284KB


gloser alle språk yrker
Download PPTX • 481KB

Body parts

gloser alle språk kroppsdeler
Download PPTX • 376KB


gloser alle språk klær
Download PPTX • 396KB


gloser alle språk kjøretøy
Download PPTX • 363KB

Fruit and vegetables

gloser alle språk grønt
Download PPTX • 547KB

Fruit and vegetables 2

gloser alle språk - grønt 2
Download PPTX • 546KB


gloser alle språk verb
Download PPTX • 899KB


gloser alle språk dyr
Download PPTX • 939KB


gloser alle språk mat
Download PPTX • 406KB

The city

gloser alle språk by og bygg
Download PPTX • 352KB

Geography og astronomy

gloser alle språk geografi og astronomi
Download PPTX • 468KB


gloser alle språk - sport
Download PPTX • 462KB

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